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Analytics to compare individual behavior to herd behavior 

- Updated hourly to give the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding when         an animal is sick. 

-  Allows the user to track and record treatment information.

-  Flashing tags can be activated, making it easier for the pen riders to find a specific             animal. 


Overall herd behavior 

Pull list 

-     A live map showing where animals are within the pen. 

-     A real-time pull list of REDI BRD calls.

-     Visualization tools that compare the sick animal's                                behavior to the rest of the herd. 

- The heat map feature allows users to see where animals are congregating throughout the day. 

How it works

- REDI provides a map that shows the real-time location of each animal, including if they are at the feedbunk or water.

- Additionally, each animal is represented by a colored dot that indicates if they are healthy or sick. 

Heat maps 

- REDI has a variety of visual tools that help quickly identify when and why an animal’s behavior differs from the herd. 

- REDI also offers tools that demonstrate the overall herds's behavior summaries and pen analytics. 

Actionable information

                                        REDI transforms raw behavioral information into a                                                 classification animal wellness status.

Health care managers receive:

Live Map

Continuous Monitoring

REDI monitors individual calf behavior 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to generate the full picture of potential changes.

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Multiple measures

Individual sick calves exhibit a variety of behaviors associated with illness. REDI combines aspects of feeding frequency, changes in activity patterns, and social interactions to generate an accurate, early determination of disease status.